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police investigating at this hour a shooting that left a woman dead and a man fighting for his life. what we've learned about what happened and why a program called cease fire is getting a boost.
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the bay bridge is going to open the day after labor day. in order to make that happen, the entire span will shut down for five days. what this will mean for your morning commute. >> reporter: in san francisco, a tourist attraction have people living in the area saying they want the tour buses out. i will tell you why -- coming up. we have new developments involving a truck carrying u.s. mail. it's causing a traffic headache. we'll find out why the lanes could soon be cleared but the damage is already done. "mornings on 2" starts now. and good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." as sal just mentioned, a crash involving a truck carrying thousands of pounds of mail is slowing down drivers on 680 this morning. good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's immediately go to
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sal. that mess, it looks like they are trying to move things a little bit. >> if you go back to the live picture, cars and trucks are getting through. they've moved some things out of the way. they've opened up northbound 680 at andrade road. as our camera position tilts down, you can see there are people going through. they have put absorbent down the traffic is getting by on the center divide. the truck is still not right. they have to right it before they get it out of there. southbound 680 traffic is slow because of the rubberneck es. the good news, all of the lanes that were blocked, some people stuck there for an hour are now getting through. traffic will still be slow. let's go to another picture. bay bridge is lighter than usual this morning on a friday, getting into the city. we've had some slow traffic on
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highway 4 this morning as you come up to the willow pass road area. northbound 280 in san jose and the santa clara valley has been lighter than usual. if this is your commute, 101, 85, 287 have all been looking good so far. let's go to steve. >> well, we do have a lot of fog around. there's pockets of it. it's not sold out. some areas getting overcast. there's a band of high clouds zipping on by. it's mild and muggy for some. 60s on the lows. inland temperatures might come down a couple of degrees. we're starting off mild. we'll see 60s or 90s. it will take another area or two. san francisco, much of the coast very mild with 67 in el granada, half moon bay, almost 70 yesterday. san francisco close to that. we'll go 68 which is exactly where you should be on the high side temperaturewise. mostly fair, mild, drizzle up and down the coast.
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a little breezy for some. but still mild to warm. a lot of moisture in the air. 60s on the temperatures or 50s. fog really thick. other areas are already the sunshine, the key for our weekend weather. today is the system right here. when you see them -- it's toppling over like this. that's a sign it will arrive later than sooner wherein we might see warm conditions which could be on monday. muggy, warm, monday, fair. there's higher clouds up there this morning. 60s to 90s. 90s through the interior. mid-80s for some. 70s closer to the bay. dave and tori? >> thank you, steve. 7:04. a young woman is dead and another victim is recovering from gunshot wounds after a late-night shooting in east oakland. ktvu's claudine wong is reporting live from opd headquarters to explain what happened. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. this shooting happened
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overnight and at this hour, police are still searching for whoever was responsible for this. let's take you to the scene overnight. we'll tell you what it looked like as police were investigating. two people were hit in the hail of gunfire just after 11:30 last night. both victims in their 20s. one woman pronounced dead at the scene. another man fighting for his life. it happened in east oakland. where 60% of the city's homicides happened last year. it happened as police, once again, turned to a program called "operation cease fire." it targets gang members and repeat offenders. it works with them to turn their lives around. >> however, if you choose not to stop engaging in the shootings and homicides, then we will stand with law enforcement. >> reporter: now, this program isn't new. elsewhere, cities have reported incredible results. but for oakland and its history with cease fire, that's been a long road. oakland started with cease fire back in 2007. but after some initial success
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didn't see any long-term results. and then it was reintroduced in october of last year with what the city called "renewed partnerships and commitment." but when chief jordan stepped down, the program seemed to have stumbled. last month, the city got a grant to fund the program and next month, the dedicated nine- person team will be responsible for not just cracking down but also following up. the hope is that "operation cease fire" in oakland will also be a success story soon. live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, claudine. 7:06. we're learning details about a frightening takeover robbery at a nail salon in oakland. three masked men robbed nine employees and customers at grand nails on grand avenue. police say they stole several thousand dollars worth of cash, jewelry and iphones. one employee had a gold
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necklace yanked from her neck and two rings taken from her fingers. a witness reports them driving away in a black, four-door nissan. controversy brewing over tourists in one san francisco neighborhood. residents who live there know this particular street draws big crowds. ktvu's paul -- paul chambers is out there now. why are they complaining? >> reporter: the tourists -- there's a lot of tourists coming through. this is the tourist attraction that many come to see. many people know the painted ladies from the popular show "full house" which ran in the '80s and '90s. ♪ >> reporter: now, this group of painted ladies were built back in the 1890s, almost a century before the show used them as a backdrop in opening credits. since then people living in the homes across from the park and along the stretch also known as
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post guard row, say every three minutes, a tourist bus comes through. one resident says he hears guides misidentified his home where "full house" was shot. although some say they don't mind the attraction and the attention, they are tired of the exhaust and congestion. that's why they've been fighting to force nine or more people to stay away. last year, the city ordered the buses it turn the corner but that just lunched two complaints. they are launching two now. we've heard feedback in the area saying they don't want the buses there. >> reporter: now, a little less than two hours from now, the company will sit down with residents about their concerns and rerouting buses off steiner to fulton street.
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paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:08. bay bridge construction crews, they've got a race against time to open the new eastern span. an oversight committee approved the deadline. the existing bridge will shut down wednesday, august 28th, starting at 8:00 p.m. the span will open by 5:00 a.m. tuesday, september 3rd. while most construction is done, the crews still need to install the temporary fix through those faulty bolts. workers will use the five-day closure to line up the bridge with the tunnel at yerba buena island, plus they are gonna reroute and repave traffic lanes that connect the new span to the toll plaza. >> get people on the new safe bridge. the old bridge is the greatest risk that we all have. >> now, the three-year demolition of the current bridge starts the very minute the new ones opens. a celebration for the new bay bridge will be a lot more low key. the celebration costing more than $5.6 million. that was originally approved
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but because of all of the recent days, problems and -- delays and problems it's being scaled back. the ceremony will include a metal chain being cut to officially open the bridge. a bigger public event may be held later. given the faulty bolts caused a lot of headaches, some people are wondering whether the contract will still get the $20 million bonus for opening the bridge on time. we asked the question to the head of the oversight commission. >> that's an unanswered question. first of all, the contractor has to finish the work that they are required to do. we issued a report in july that indicated that we thought there were multiple responsible parties for the failure of the bolts. and that the contractor was one of them. so we will need to sort that out, not only with the contractor but with the designer because we indicated
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that we thought both had a role to play. >> well, b.a.r.t. will have to take up a lot of the slack when the bridge closes on labor day weekend. coming up for you at 7:33. b.a.r.t.'s plan for additional service, plus the major events on that weekend which could tie up traffic for you. 7:10. there's new hope for brain injury patients locked in a vegetative state. new brain scans for people thought to be vegetative or minimally conscious could answer questions. the new brain imaging research may help open doors of communication that have long been closed. the clock is ticking for a bay area powerball winner to claim the prize. the ticket which matched five winning numbers was bought in may. it's worth more than $250,000.
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lottery officials say it will expire november 11th. if the owner does not come forward, the money will be transferred to california's public school system. 7:11. the question, what was he thinking. the mysterious items found in the burned-out home in the garage of james dimaggio, the man who kidnapped hannah anderson, after allegedly killing her mother and brother. >> these are people like us whose lives were cut short. >> the bay area vigil to remember those killed in egypt's street violence. we're just getting word of more deadly clashes in cairo today. if you are driving on 680 on the sunol grade, heading out of san jose and fremont, there's a big trouble spot you need to know about. we'll let you know about an alternate route. already pockets of sun, pockets of thick fog. are we cooling down or what? we'll have your weekend forecast and friday -- coming up.
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welcome back. new documents revealed about the national security agency show is workers broke privacy rules on a regular basis. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, this information is coming from an internal audit and other documents. >> reporter: the "wash post" broke the story and said they got the documents from edward snowden. the report shows the nsa broke privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of time each year since congress gave the surveillance agency proud, new powers in 2008. "the washington post" says they got a response from an official saying the nsa is a human-run agencies and often times workers find themselves on the wrong side of the line. president obama had a panel of outside intelligence advisers.
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but that panel of 14 is now down to four people and the white house says last week it's turning to brand-new, and still undetermined outside experts to look over the nsa's actions. there is a special court that's designated to oversee these surveillance agencies. how the nsa went against court orders -- when i see you at 8:15. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. there's new developments surrounding snoerden. he's accused of downloading materials about u.s. and british spying programs while he was working last year for dell. intelligence agencies say he left dell for a government contractor in march to specifically get access to more top-event files. in another development, snowden e-mailed news outlets to distance himself from his father. he wrote his father does not speak for him. the trial of a serviceman accused of a killing rampage at fort hood is getting underway.
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nadal hasan is charged with killing 13 people and wounding several others at the texas military base in 2009. prosecutors are expected to call an fbi agent who investigated the attack and two police officers who tackled and arrested hasan. he's representing himself and so far remained mostly silent through witness testimony. the website for "washington post" was hacked that supports syrian's president. the army hacked one content providers. some links on the website were redirected to the website of the syrian electronic army. now we're getting word from egypt, clashes across that country today have killed at least 17 people. want to show you new people. supporters of mohamed morsi streaming into cairo there. it's hard to even imagine counting all of those people. this is after friday prayers.
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the muslim brotherhood called for a danger of anker in response to the -- anger in response to the deaths on wednesday when rioters broke up two camps. the military has a very heavy presence in cairo today. tanks, you see them surrounding tahrir square. the government is authorized using deadly force against protesters target, the police as well as government institutions. in santa clara last night, some egyptian americans here in the bay area held a candlelight vigil. now, they were wearing white in honor of those who were killed in the violence in egypt. many of those who were there, say they don't necessarily support the political position of the anti-government protesters but say they do support their right to freedom of speech. >> whether or not i agree with their position, it's important to honor the fact that they protested peacefully and were killed for it.
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>> several people who gathered at the vigil say they knew people killed in the violence. want to check in with sal. he's been keeping an eye on the situation at 680 at the sunol grade. how is it going? >> about two hours ago now, a truck overturned, it was carrying u.s. mail and they have to right the truck still. but they managed to open up lanes. it was blocking all lanes for about an hour. now some cars are getting through. this area is the noncommute direction. southbound 680 is slow. that truck was loaded with 66,000 pounds of u.s. mail. one of the things i wanted to mention, the postal inspector is on the way to deal with the mail. they will have to take the mail back to the processing center. northbound 680 is very slow. the sig-alert that they have for the lane, they haven't told us when they will reopen this lane. but that truck is still not right. let's take a look at another
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picture. this is 880 in oakland. the traffic is moving well. northbound traffic is looking good all the way up to the macarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge tone, that's light -- toll plaza, that's light. no problems on the lower deck. let's go to steve. very good morning. before we get going, very, very soupy conditions for some. there's some warm air aloft squashing this. now -- plus the wind is mainly calm. once this burns off, i think temperatures will be very similar to yesterday. but visibility -- it's lousy for some people here. heard from patrick in redwood shores. very thick there. pacifica, other areas get drizzle. we'll call it a low overcast but it's a foggy condition. mild to hot. some areas already brakes. no fog whatsoever. now, we get what's called an invention -- called an
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inversion. it's been around 12,000 feet. i think it's lower today. put that into and watch how the fog doesn't lift, doesn't go down. it's kind of staying in the level. i think it's actually a little bit lower today as that warm air settled in, squashes it. now, if a low or front comes in, it lifts it up you get around 2,000, 2500 feet and it flies over the coastal hills. not really the coast. we got a drizzle as well. some of that is intense. foggy morning, a muggy pattern. a little band of high clouds going by as well if you are not in the fog, probably see those. i don't think there's much change. maybe a degree or two. the lows are in the 60s except for parts of the north bay, novato, rohnert park, santa rosa, san francisco. that was about the only 50s. 24, decent for travis. but then calm, concord. calm, santa rosa. oakland west at 7, that's not too much. also towards san jose, calm. mountain view -- i mean, livermore. so the areas that have calm conditions probably dealing
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with fog, very warm temperatures. 39 in tahoe. 65 in sacramento. here's what makes me nervous. the low is going to form. it will come to the coast. it's toppling over. see? that's not good. that's not good if -- we need this to swing in here. until that does, we may get an easterly breeze which would be warm. it's already pretty much, 67 in el granado and 67 in half moon bay. easing up to a cooldown a little inland. all over the place here. clearlake went through the roof yesterday. so we'll go 90s there. st. helena, calistoga, 80s elsewhere. sausalito 72. concord, 90s. livermore, pleasanton, danville, around 88. 77 oakland. alameda, 73. 90s livermore to gilroy.
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sunnyvale in there. 60s to 70s. i don't think much change saturday. sunday is a brutal kol. we could -- call. we could go up to the 90s. there's a loot going on here. essentially the low comes through next week could get some showers, clouds to the north bay. >> okay. with a lot of students heading back to school there's a chance kids could get sick. where you will find the most germs. and research in california finds a murder suspect thousands of miles away. how a strand of cat hair helped police catch their suspect.
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we have new information about a man whose body was found monday near 880 in san
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jose. investigators say john mark delbach died from a weak heart condition due to alcohol abuse. he worked for a company that makes machines used to swipe credit cards. someone working on a roof stop spotted his body on the road monday afternoon. the 10-year-old martinez boy attacked by two pit bulls last sunday is recovering from another operation. we just received a new photo of hunter killborn in his hospital room. doctors are performing skin grafts. his mother say he was playing at a friend's house when one dog knocked him down the stairs while the other dog mauled his face and arms. one of the pit bulls will be euthanized. unique research at uc davis involving. dna of pets helped convict of a
7:27 am
murder suspect overseas. researchers at the veterinary slab studied cat hair. the results were sent out where the investigators matched the cat belonging to the next door neighbor. this lab helped solve a murder involving a dog. it's buzzing on twitter. all over the internet. a big announcement that have shocked fans of a bay area radio deejay. >> reporter: a five-day closure of the bay bridge planned for the labor day weekend. how commuters say they will handle it. the big problem of the morning is on 680 as you drive toward pleasanton. this truck still flipped over. it's gonna be there for a while. we'll tell you how to get around it. sun for many locations. very, very foggy for others. once that buvs off, i think
7:28 am
temperatures will be close to yesterday's numbers. we'll explain why. ♪
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[ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. good morning. here is another live picture of the mail truck -- [no audio] >> welcome again to "mornings
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on 2." it's 7:30. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. all right start with sal. the latest on that 680 mess. >> this has been out there since 5:00 this morning. northbound 680 right near andrade road. they did clean up the diesel spill and cars are driving over it. but the truck loaded down with 66,000 pounds of u.s. mail is still there blocking one of the lanes. at least some cars are getting through. a postal inspector is on the way along with another truck to bring some of that mail back to san jose but the traffic is very slow coming up the sunol grade and southbound 680s is also going to slow. chp has updated have sig-alert and don't know when the lane will be open. presumably before the afternoon commute. i don't think it will be out there the whole day but we don't know at this point. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. that's light coming into san francisco. there's no major problems there. the livermore valley, we've had
7:32 am
slow traffic on 580. 58 a to 238 to -- 580 to 238. let's go back to steve. all right. tu, sir -- thank you, sir. some breaks in the clouds. some areas are thick. high pressure is right on top of this. it will burn off really mild. warm, warm conditions yesterday over by the coast. i know pescadero. half moon bay bay 70. 57 to 67 on the lows. most locations were very mild to warm with the 60s, 60s, 70s and 80s by noon. i don't see much change here. some inland areas will be in the 80s and 90s. my forecast includes fairfield and vacaville which can can run warm. san francisco, kind of stuck near average this week. 67, 66, 69, 68 we'll go today.
7:33 am
that's normal this time of year. mostly sunny. i say fair because there's a band of high clouds. they will clear out. breezy for some. not that bad. still mild to warm to maybe hot. 60s mid-60s. some lows never got we 64 for some. there's a lot of fog. sonoma county area says three quarters of a mile visibility. we have an low pressure area. it will get here. the question is when. as it cuts off. high pressure doesn't like low pressure so it will fill in with an offshore breeze. if that happens, sunday will be hot. if it doesn't, you will know the low made it. a lot can change between now and sunday. muggy, warm. a lot of high clouds. mostly sunny. highs, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. temperatures may come down inland. tori and dave? it's official. there's now is a specific date
7:34 am
and time for when we'll start seeing the first cars on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. cara lui is live at treasure island to tell us what we can expect leading up to the grand opening. >> reporter: that scheduled opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge is now just about two and a half weeks away. now, just yesterday, the bridge oversight committee voted unanimously to allow a temporary fix on the new span's faulty, cracked bolts until workers can keep the permanent retrofit. the opening will mean a closure of the bay bridge first. that will happen for just over five days when traffic is the lightest over the labor day weekend. crews will align the bridge with a tunnel at yerba buena island and then reroute and repave traffic lanes connecting the new span to the toll plaza. for commuters, that means detours, using public transportation and planning
7:35 am
ahead. >> we might be inconveniencing some commuters. there's always public transportation. >> it can get a little overwhelming. i don't think i will be out in it unless i have to be. >> reporter: plans for a public celebration costing more than $5 million have been replaced by a much lower key ceremony. a metal chain being cut by a blow torch will mark the opening. a bigger celebration may be held down the road. the bridge is slated to close after the evening commute, wednesday, august 28th. we're live at treasure island, cara lui, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. b.a.r.t. will have to pick up the slack when the bridge is closed from five days leading up to and including labor day. b.a.r.t. plans 24-hour service from wednesday night, august 28th through monday night. it will be limited service but b.a.r.t. will not operate overnight into tuesday morning due to mandated inspections. some public events have already
7:36 am
been rescheduled. there will be an as game, a cal football game and the east bay pride festival. stay with us for continuing coverage. we're monitoring the work that still needs to be finished as we approach the long-awaited opening of the new eastern span. closing arguments expected today from accused serial killer joseph naso. the 78-year-old man is acting as his even lawyer, facing charges of murdering four women. in the prosecution's arguments they read from a journal allegedly kept by naso that detailed attacks on women dating back to the 1950s. two men convicted in the richmond gang rape case outside of a high school dance have learned their fate. 20-year-old marcellas peter was given 22 years. jose montoya was given 33 years to live in prison. the men were convicted of badly
7:37 am
beating and sexually assaulting a young girl. >> beyond shocking that another human -- that a human being can dehumanize somebody to the extent that jane doe was that night. >> the female talked about how the incident has changed her life through an advocate read on her behalf. last year, two men were given lighter sentences after agreeing to testify in the case. two more men are awaiting trial. last night in san diego county, amid a swarm of reporters, hannah anderson made her first public appearance since being rescued from her kidnapper. >> give her some room, you guys. back up. back up. >> the 16-year-old was shielded from the press as she attended a fund-raiser at a restaurant. pleads went to help pay for the funerals of her mother and brother. while hannah did not talk to reporters.
7:38 am
her father says he's overwhelmed by the outspowring of love and -- outpouring of love and support. >> hannah sends her love. we'll keep moving forward from her. >> court records show that james dimaggio acted like an uncle around the anderson kids. he was a friend of the parents for years. also, newly re-- released documents are raising new questions about hannah anderson and james dimaggio. investigators found in his burned out home, incendiary devices, a gas can, rolls of duct tape, a handcuff box, ammunition, an arson wire and letters from hannah. contents of the letter were not revealed in the affidavit. sheriff investigators say certain details in their investigation such as the letters could not be discussed. 7:38. as many bay area school kids head back to school, the risk grows your child will be
7:39 am
exposed to germs and bring those germs home. according to the cdc on the average, elementary school kids get eight to 12 colds or cases of the flu every school year. for the older kids it's about half that number. the experts say the number one place for germs in a school, you guessed it, the drinking fountain. another place with high germ counts, those cafeteria trays. the experts say the best way to fight infection is to make sure your kids get plenty of sleep and at least 40 minutes of exercise every day. new security measures in place all over the bay area following last year's deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newton, connecticut. schools have installed new gates and have added surveillance cameras. in antioch, they've added a private security company to patrol the campuses. >> any time something happens anywhere, there's a chance where we could prove something
7:40 am
we do. any time a student gets hurt, it's not a small incident. >> the san ramon district has added a new color-coded badge system for visitors and volunteers. berkeley unified is undergoing a $50,000 school security audit, that could bring changes next month. the principal of palo alto high school says a streaking tradition on campus has to stop. this comes after some boys stripped off their clothes yesterday at lunchtime and ran across campus. the school says this normally happens at the end of the year when seniors are about to graduate. the school says it will now punish students for streaking on campus. workers at cal state east bay are getting things ready for a big implosion tomorrow morning. the landmark warren hall building will be demolished the 9:00 tomorrow morning. the building has been empty since january because of earthquake concerns. almost 350 acres of the campus will be closed to the public starting tonight and won't be
7:41 am
reopened until 6:00 a.m. on monday. the closure is to keep people safe when nearly 430 thowndz of high explosives -- 430 pounds of high explosives go out. >> the actual time will be between seven, eight seconds. >> 6,000 tons of steel will be sold overseas. the public's invited to watch the implosion from the k-mart parking lot at mission and harder. you can also watch the warren hall implosion live height here on -- live right here on channel 2. we'll have live coverage of this. if it the implosion happens after 10:00, we'll bring it to you online. rewarded for leaking classified documents. and a setback for joe montana's plans to open a luxury hotel right across the
7:42 am
street from the 49ers' new stadium in santa clara. good morning. traffic is going to be slow on 680 northbound still coming up from the san jose area into pleasanton because of this overturned truck. we'll give you alternates. well, a lot of low clouds around. some of it is very, very tick. other locations -- thick. other locations, maybe warmer. sunday could be hot. we'll have details coming up.
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7:44 am
nordstrom became the biggest retailer to cut its profit outlook for the year.
7:45 am
walmart and macy's gave bleak outlooks. housing picked up. the dow is up 13. the nasdaq is up 11. s&p is flat. a big surprise and disappointment as thousands of people turned on their radio this morning. ktvu's pam cook is in the studio with what happened to a popular local radio host. pam? >> yeah. chewy gomez has left the building. from what we're hearing, he did not want to leave the job he's had for the past 20 years. he has been entertaining people on their way to work as kmel's morning drive time deejay. the station has only said that gomez no longer works for the company and that his replacement has already been found. now, twitter is filled with comments about the move and the tweeters are not happy about the radio station's decision. he has more than 16,000 twitter followers. chewy gomez tweets his run at
7:46 am
kmel ended after 20 years and there will be more to come. he also tweeted out that he's been humbled by all of the love and respect listeners are showing him. back to you. >> thank you. happening today, the sentencing hearing for bradley manning continues. he could get up to 90 years in prison for releasing 700,000 classified documents to wikileaks while working as an army analyst in iraq. he apologized saying he was sorry that he hurt his country. his defense included testimony from experts say he sufferers from gender identity syndrome. this photograph shows manning dressed as a woman. he e-mailed that photo to an army sergeant and titled it "my problem." meantime, norman solomon flew to oslo, norway. he is pushing that manning be
7:47 am
awarded the nobel peace prize. here's a photo from the marin independent journal. it shows him carrying one of the boxes of petitions with more than 100,000 signatures enforcing manning for the nobel peace prize. solomon says manning's actions helped to shorten the u.s. military government in iraq. new this morning, emergency officials in new zealand checking the damage from a big earthquake that rattled part of that country. cameras were rolling the exact moment the shaking started. the quake caused quite a square among other office woergers. a lot of -- workers. a lot of them ran on the streets. buildings were evacuated. no one was hurt, as far as we know, but police say the quake damaged homes and also destroyed a bridge. nearly three months after a deadly twister hit moore, oklahoma, students are going to school today for the first time. seven students were killed when
7:48 am
that tornado leveled two elementary schools. classes will be held in temporary buildings. the new buildings will be built at the same tight where they were before. but they will be strengthened to withstand an earthquake. a preliminary investigation has ruled out engine failure in the crash of a u.p.s. cargo plane in alabama. crews have recovered the jet's flight data 0 recorders. they expect to know by today if the devices are useable. the two pilots were trying to land on a shorter runway at the birmingham airport on wednesday when the plan crashed. the longer runway was closed for maintenance. investigators have not said if the runway length is a factor in the crash. boeing has tracked down a fire related to on-board five extinguishers. the maker says the extinguishers in the engines of the dreamliner were assembled. it blames the company that
7:49 am
makes the bottles for the extinguishers. there were no risks to safety according to the wall street journal. on wednesday, they reported wiring problems in three of the jets' engines. all right, t.c. sal is back, any updates on 680? any improvements. >> we've been following this since it happened at 5:00. there's been some improvement. at one point all of the lanes were closed. we have one lane closed with the truck overturned carrying mail fully loaded down. they have to wait for the postal inspector to get out there. at some point they are gonna have to right the truck. i imagine they will close lanes when they do that. northbound 680 is backing up the sunol grade into fremont. southbound 680 is slow past the seen as people take a look at the crash. let's take a look at the bay bridge. i think you will like what you see here. it's recovered completely. it's a very nice drive all the way into san francisco. the last few weeks of driving on that cantilever portion and pretty soon you will be driving
7:50 am
on on a -- driving on a new span. and eastbound and westbound, slow traffic. dumbarton bridge looks good. we want to mention from 238 to mowry avenue. that commute is 24 minutes. no problems on the peninsula 101 or 280 northbound and southbound. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. well, there's some fog out there. some of it is very thick. tom smith blossom hill, very thick. now he says it's lifting. this is a sign that high pressure is right on it. i think this will be a warm weekend. next week could be a lot of fun. i say that weatherwise because we could get showers and thundershowers up to the north as the low gets here. the key is when it gets here. it's stillaways away. there's breaks in the overcast. there's drizzle. i know we have drizzle in the sunset district, parts of the coast, all the way up to fort bragg. there's areas of pockets of drizzle. a lot of fun. cool, mild hot.
7:51 am
i'm beginning to think sunday is hot. we'll get an east wind. we'll see if it develops. maybe cooler for us. the possibility of clouds and showers to the north bay. we have an inversion. there's a little warm air aloft. you go up cool, kuehl and then it -- cool, cool and then it warms up. the fog doesn't lift or go down. it's stuck. i think a little bit has been squashed down since yesterday. that's a sign of warm air coming in putting the stamp right on it. it puts it right down on the deck. i don't think this is changing at all over the weekend. so a foggy morning for some. not for all. i know core deal you why had overcast conditions. that was not the case. other areas, it's mostly sunny. very muggy pattern. a lot of moisture in the air. so the humidity factor is high. the ocean temperatures are warm. the lows have been very, very warm except for a few locations. 24. fairfield is not bad. after that, there's hardly any
7:52 am
breeze at all. when you get the calm conditions, you can get some of the fog. if you had the breeze, it would stir is up. 68 in sacramento. 39 up in tahoe. up and down the coast, dealing with some fog. here's why i'm nervous. when you see these topple over, that's a negative sign. if this came in like that, this would be a positive sign. it's toppling over and the low is going to form here. when it gets here, it may wait for monday to get here. that would send our temperatures up. that's the way it's looking right now. a lot could change between now and sunday. i'm leaning in that direction. morning fog, fair. muggy, warm. higher clouds will give way to mostly sunny skies. it's still smokin' hot up in clearlake and middle town and u tiia -- ukiah. vacaville as well. the coast is pretty nice. we had some 60s and 70s yesterday. 70s to 90s from alameda out to
7:53 am
brentwood and oakley. san jose 83. santa cruz is warm. capitola, warm. 68 san francisco. maybe even 70 to 80 around -- 80s around pescadero. 80s around the peninsula for most locations. not much of a change for saturday. it does look cooler. possible clouds and showers to the north monday and tuesday. >> all right, thank you, steve. seven minutes before 8:00. more deadly violence on streets of oakland. how the timing of this most recent shooting is bad news for the latest crime-fighting campaign. and a helicopter rushing an injured little girl to a local hospital. how she was hurt and the reason for the emergency response.
7:54 am
7:55 am
happening now, 230 miles above earth, two russian cosmonauts are in the very
7:56 am
early stages of a six and a half hour spacewalk. they will be rigging cables for the arrival of a russian lab module at the international space station. looks kind of pink. not sure that is accurate. not bad for 230 miles above earth. this will be the second time they've left the safety of the station to work out in space attached only by a thin tether. >> wow. 7:56. back here on earth, the dream of a marin county sailboat builder to sail off to hawaii has been delayed. according to the marin independent journal. james lane was arrested this week after getting into a fight and biting a san rafael harbor master. the fight was over that sailboat. it was built in the locke lomen marinia parking lot. it left the marinia in june, headed to hawaii but it's been stuck in mud in the spinaker
7:57 am
harbor since. lane could face felony battery charges. a hear something set for four suspects accused in a deadly shoot at a -- dash shooting at a -- dash at a tattoo shooting. investigators have not talked about a motive. a fifth suspect, a man from oakland, is wanted in the shooting, he was arrested recently. joe montana's luxury hotel and restaurant near the new santa clara stadium will not open this time next year as planned. the former quarterback and backers have not been able to reach a deal about the value of the project. the city owns the land. his new goal, to open a hotel in time for super bowl l coming up in 2016. there's information about a plane crash that happened recently. we know there is a bay area connection. we'll have the details for you.
7:58 am
another shooting in oakland overnight. this one leaves a woman dead and a man in critical condition. what we've learned about what happened and about the program oakland police hope will stop the violence. we've seen some improvement on 680 but still a truck accident is blocking one lane. it doesn't look like this is going anywhere any time soon. well, kathleen just sent me a nice photo on twitter from laurelville, san francisco. she says, soupy. it's foggy. we'll have the forecast coming up.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back. we're looking live at the crash that happened on 680 that's disrupted traffic early this morning. slowly getting better. it's a major problem. sal has the details coming up. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. let go to sal with an update on the situation at the sunol grade. >> good morning. this truck accident has been out there since 5:00 this morning. we're at northbound -- a northbound bound truck on 680 was driving and flipped over. they managed to move it out -- it was in the two lanes. they managed to move it. southbound 680 here is the commute direction.
8:01 am
that's better. northbound 680 the commute direction at night or in the afternoon, still blocked. we're assuming this will be cleared up before then, but they are going to have to close the lanes at some point to right the truck and unload the 66,000 pounds of mail. postal inspectors on the way, according to chp. the been toll plaza, it's been nice. no make -- the bay bridge toll plaza, it's been very nice. no major problems. you can see traffic continues to look pretty good. good day for 580. you can see all of the red because of the sunol accident. 580 looks good to castro valley and over to 880. 880 between 238 and mowry is 24 minutes. let's go to steve. thank you, sam. a very happy friday morning. some sun already. some very foggy conditions. a local drizzle. a few high clouds up there, too. a lot going on over the next three, five days. sunday into tuesday could be very interesting. almost have a tropical feel for some of these clouds coming in. there's a low that's waiting to
8:02 am
come in pretty fast. san francisco forecast, we'll go 68. some very, soupy, foggy conditions. and also along areas of the coast. your forecast for today. fog, drizzle, fair. mild lows, mostly sunny. breezy for some, the 60s are already here for many locations. we're off to a warm start. this low will eventually get here. the question is it may not get here until monday or tuesday. temperatures, i don't expect much change coast and bay. i think we're stuck in this pattern. 60s and 90s. maybe a slight cooldown but not too much. temperatures will stay here for a while. more coming up in ten minutes. a woman is dead. a man is not hospital, following a deadly shooting last night in oakland. it came on the heels of a police operation that's focusing on violent offenders. claudine wong joining us live in oakland to tell us more about the program and what happened overnight. claudine? >> reporter: well, dave, police
8:03 am
were at the shooting scene overnight processing it. they completed that now. now the investigation turns to putting everything together as they try to look for whoever is responsible for this latest violence. let's take you to the scene overnight so she with -- so we can show you where this happened. it was on the 800 block of 100 avenue. two people in a car were hit in a hail of gunfire. both victims in their 20s. one woman pronounced dead at the scene. another man left fighting for his life. at last word he was in critical and unstable condition in surgery. this happened in east oakland where 60% of the city's homicides happened last year. it's happening as police turn to a program called "operation cease fire." that program targets gang members and repeat offenders. and people in the program workweek would them to turn their lives around. >> however, if you choose not to stop engaging in shootings and homicides, we will stand
8:04 am
with law enforcement. >> reporter: now, "cease fire" is not a new program. elsewhere, cities have reported incredible results in cutting down on violence. but for oakland, it's been a long road. let's take you through it. "cease fire" started back in 2007. there was some initial success but not long-term results. then, it was reintroduced in october of 2012 with what the city called renewed partnerships and commitment. but then in may of 2013, chief jordan stepped down and the program seemed to stumble until last month, when police got grant money to fund a full-time manager for the program. next month, a nine-person team will be responsible for not just cracking down but following up. we know that "cease fire" has worked in other cities. oakland is hoping these other additions, the full-time manager, the nine of person team, that some day oakland will be able to be touted as a success story. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2
8:05 am
news. we're finding out new details about the frightening robbery at a nail salon. three masked men robbed the grand nails on grand avenue. police say they stole several thousands dollars worth of cash, jewelry and iphones from the people. one employee had a gold necklace yanked off her neck. two rings were stolen from her fingers. a witness said they saw the robbers drive away in a black four-door nissan. a baby shot and killed in oakland will be remembered in a special service today. a celebration of life is being held for 1-year-old drew jackson. it's set for 11:00 at wfg fuller funerals on international boulevard. drew's mother has requested no one wear black to the service. drew and his father, andrew thomas, were shot and killed last wednesday while sleeping at a relative's home. a wake for the father will be held at the same home on monday at noon. a $30,000 reward is being
8:06 am
offered in the case. more than $51,000 has been raised to support the 15-year- old daughter of sandra coke. she's the oakland woman found dead in vacaville last friday. supporters are trying to raise $100,000 for the sandra coke fund at crowd a man from coke's past is a person of interest in her death. he's being held without bail on unrelated charges. a driver in san jose trying to escape the police crashed his car last night on southbound 280. it happened about 9:00 near highway 101. when the police arrived, the man ran away jumped over the freeway railing and was badly hurt. police detained two other passengers who were in the car. now we know that a bay area man was one of the people killed in a fiery plane crash north of sacramento this week. the danville patch identifies him as 26-year-old mathew moody of san ramon. here's a photo from his
8:07 am
football page. moody worked for front-line energy services. he and another worker were doing aerial inspections of pg&e pipe lips when their plane crashed. that -- pipelines when their plane crashed. that fire triggered a brush fire just outside of chico. investigators are still looking into what went wrong. the cyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian in a san francisco crosswalk a year ago has avoided yale time -- jail time. he was sentenced to three years of probationed a 1,000 hours of community service in the death of 71-year-old suchi wi. wi's son spoke at the hearing and he's asking buccari to serve his office by serving the elderly, or aiding victims of traumatic head injuries. >> those are things we are hoping he would do to atone for the life he's taken. >> he did not address the victim's family but his lawyers
8:08 am
said he would be willing to do the kind of service requested by the wi family. a 7-year-old boy is recovering after being attacked by a swarm of hornets. it happened yesterday near children's playground. the boy was playing on a hill near the carousel and accidentally disturbed the hornets' office. he was stung several times. he was rushed to the hospital but we are told he's expected to be okay. in contra costa county, an 8-year-old girl was airlifted to the hospital after falling out of a tree. firefighters say she was climbing that tree at a home in kensington when one of the limbs snapped. she fell to the ground and the limb may have fallen on top of her. we don't know anything about her condition right now. but she said -- she reportedly was alert when transported to the hospital. 8:08. the fight to get tourists out of one famously scenic san francisco neighbor could heat up
8:09 am
today. paul chambers has more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. they say it's tour buses. this is a very famous attraction. they remember these famous homes from a show from the '80s and '90s. ♪ >> reporter: now, "full house" used this group of painted ladies in opening credit, the homes were built back in the 1890s, almost a century before the show "full house" aired. people living in the painted ladies say about every three minutes, a tour bus comes to the area bringing people to see the iconic homes, which some people only know from the show "full house." some people living here say they don't mind the attention but are tired of the exhaust and congestion. that's why they've been fighting for two years to force
8:10 am
buses carrying nine or more people to stay away. last year the city ordered the buses to park on one corner but that just launched new complaints from other people. >> they are walking three blocks now. we've heard feedback from the community in that area saying they don't want the buses there. >> reporter: now, a little less than an hour, at 9:00 this morning, a transportation panel will sit down with the residents who live in and around the painted ladies to talk about their concerns and options to reroute the buses off steiner to fulton. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, paul. thank you. 8:10. we're counting down to the grand opening of the new bay bridge. the construction work that's still left to do. and the big event that's being scrapped because of the recent problems with that span. and more accusations against the national security agency, the number of times allegedly it broke privacy rules. good morning. we're still looking at a
8:11 am
problem on 680 as you drive south and northbound primarily northbound on the sunol grade. this truck is still overturned. we'll tell you when they plan to get it out of hear. a mix of sun, cool, high clouds coming in. also some very, very foggy conditions. temperatures staying the same, cooling down or warming up? i will have your forecast. look at 'em.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
regulations not just a few times but thousands of times each year. kyla campbell is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with some reaction from congress. >> reporter: the chairman of the senate judiciary committee said he's concerned we're not getting straightforward information from the nsa. he says he will hold a hearing on these latest developments. "the washington post" broke this story and said edward snowden provided documents. one audit shows over a 12-month period, there were nearly 2800 incidents of unauthorized clezs or distribution of legally protected communications. the nsa says many incidents were unintended but "the washington post" article points out more serious problems, including unauthorized use of data on thousands of americans and green cardholders. another time the nsa kept more than 3,000 files it was ordered to destroy by the court that oversees surveillance agencies.
8:15 am
in separate incidents, the nsa fails to tell the court about a new data collection method later deemed unconstitutional. an nsa official told "the washington post" that the nsa is a hue machine-run agencies and sometimes workers find themselves on the wrong side of the line. i reached out to my white house contact and she says right now, the administration has no comment. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. there are new developments surrounding edward snowden. he's accused of downloading materials about u.s. and british eavesdropping program while working for dell last year. agents say he left dell for a government contractor job in march to specifically gain access to more top-secret files. and in another development, snowden e-mailed news outlets to distance himself from his father. snowden wrote his father does not speak for him. here at home, refund checks are going out to people in la
8:16 am
fayette who donated money for road repairs. the city spent $227,000 on the first round of repaving work. la fayette said it would take a second step if the residents agreed to split the cost. well, the city received more than $23,000 in donations. la fayette has agreed to give the money back because people living on the streets said the roads were in worse shape after the work. let's see if things are in worse or better shape on 680. traffic still moving slowly there, sal? >> as a matter of fact, northbound on 680 is very slow coming out of the fremont area. southbound 680 has improved. it's not as much as an eyesore as it was. this truck accident happened at 5:00, going on more than three hours. this lane being blocked on 680 northbound. it's loaded down with mail and the postal inspectors there or should be there soon, they are going to get rid -- they are
8:17 am
going to right the truck a little later after the morning commute. also the morning drive is going to be a little bit slower. it was slow on the san mateo bridge. the last time i checked, things are improving on the way to the peninsula. bay bridge toll plaza is light. if you are going to the peninsula, we have a nice look on 101 and 280. those freeways look good. let's go to steve. >> you are welcome. a lot of fog -- there's some fog around. some of that fog is -- i can't even see across the street. it's thick, thick, thick. sunny and then you get a look and there's higher clouds there. plenty going on. the low -- i should say a system deepening off the coast. it's -- it's not in a favorable position for a cooldown. that's for sure. it looks like some lows are going to break off. it may come in south of us. take this a day at a time. today, i think temperatures very close to yesterday. some overcast. there's already breaks in it. mild, warm, to hot.
8:18 am
fog to sun over the weekend. sunday is really the in-between day. it could be very hot if we get an offshore breeze. if this low makes it over us, all bets are off. it does look interesting next week. the low will come in and give us some crowds and maybe some shower activity. it bears watching for monday/tuesday. the warm air aloft has squashed the fog down. a lot of drizzle from the sunset district. a foggy morning for some. kind of a muggy pattern for almost everybody. that drizzle. i think the cizle -- the drizzle will be back up. the low where it sets up shop will make a huge difference in the weather. the low is very, very warm for many today. 17, it was 24 last hour. that's a sign things are kind of falling apart on that delta breeze. a lot of locations say calm or less than about five miles per hour. there's really not a big breeze. 50 already in tahoe. 67 in sacramento. fog up and down the coast.
8:19 am
this low has to come in. if it comes in south of us, it won't be that big of a deal. morning fog, fair, high clouds, a few high clouds. kind of muggy, warm. temperatures on the coast or on the mild side. 60s, 70s, 80s. 50s, 70s and 80s for those up in ukiah. 77 in oakland. 88 in livermore. hayward, 76. 92 morgan hill, 93 gilroy. 82 santa cruz capitola, very very warm. 60s to near 70. 80s around pescadero if you go inland. half moon bay 70. 84 redwood city. san francisco we'll go 68 after some of the fog burns off. sunday will be the day that's tough. it could be warm to hot. next week keep an eye to the sky for possible clouds and showers. we're getting new information on wildfires burns across the west. some people have been allowed
8:20 am
to return, this fire in utah has forced more than 100 people to evacuate. it's burned eight homes, 20 other buildings and close to 200 acres. it's now 50% contained. there's a new wildfire warning across the western u.s. 44 fires are burning across these states. there are nine fires in idaho, eight in alaska and six in oregon. five others states -- other states are fighting several fires. four more states are fighting one fire each. the national weather service says strong winds and try conditions could fuel new fires in idaho, utah and hawaii. the alameda county sheriff's department trying to find a woman who has not been seen in more than a month. 66-year-old maxine mcguillen lives in award. she was only reported missing last week. she may have medical and mental
8:21 am
health issues. she's-56 weighs about 145 pounds. if you have any information, call the sheriff's department. california's unemployment numbers for july are due out. some economists hope it will show a modest increase in job creation. the state unemployment rate right now is at 8.9%. based on already released national figures, the economists expect california to show an increase of as much as 18,000 new jobs in july. since the recovery started in 2010, california has added more than 800,000 new jobs. however, jobs are being cut at san francisco's exploratorium. the science museum is laying off 18% of their workers because of low attendance at the new location. the exploratorium reopened on pier 15, four months ago. they reported a daily attendance up to 7,000 people. one of the actual attendants has only been up to 4,000
8:22 am
people a day. 8:21. addressing what's considered to be an overwhelming problem in oakland. they are so desperate for love that they fall for any type of jive that these people have to sell them. the campaign against prostitution. the crack down, one building at a time. how students in vacaville are getting a jump on their college education.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
students are getting a jump start on their college education. the school district is teaming up with solano community college. freshmen at will c. wood high school can take coeg classes and get -- college classes and get credit at both the high school and college levels. are credits are transferable to cal state and uc schools. one student who started classes this week says her family just can't afford college tuition. >> saved a lot of money. we don't have to pay tuition to be here. they are covering it all. so that's great. >> the school district picks up books and lab supplies. she says cutting off two years off her college time will help her achieve her dream by going
8:26 am
to law school. after denying it for years, the cia finally admits area 51 does exist. newly, declassified documents say the supersecret area was used as a test site for spy planes and aerial surveillance. now, area 51 is more than 100 northeast of las vegas. it's closed to the public. conspiracy theorists have said for years area 51 is where the government was hiding spacecraft from outer space and other life forms from other planets. >> fascinating. such a mystery about that area. it's a tradition for high school seniors. but one school is trying to stop it. the new crackdown for students who shed their clothes as a prank. how commuters say they will deal with the upcoming closure of the bay bridge. crash on the golden gate bridge approach is blocking a couple of lanes. if you are trying to get to
8:27 am
marin county, i will tell you how to do that without waiting in traffic. a lot of fog for some. a lot of that fog is beginning to lift. temperatures, cooler or warmer today.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. there's truck still on its side. a big fig that crashed, flipped over more than three hours ago. really messed up the commute on northbound of 80. still causing -- 68 o still causing problems. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's go to sal. the very latest on the sunol grade. >> we do have northbound 680, one lane is closed with this
8:30 am
crash that involves a truck flipped over. northbound 680 traffic will be slowed. the tow truck is getting ready to right this truck. northbound traffic heading out the pleasanton is still slow. it's having to get around the crash. the traffic will be delayed. they want to have this out by the afternoon commute because it's a major road getting out of the south bay. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we had a report of a crash here at the toll plaza off to the side. it's still light. not really affecting anyone. on the golden gate bridge, the traffic heading southbound. northbound, just before the toll plaza, there is a crash blocking two lanes. so if you are trying to get into marin into foggy and sunny, there's a delay. >> also some of that fog there. a couple of great twitter fog
8:31 am
pictures. emily jug said it started to lift and also fog lifting in brisbane. some areas lifting. mostly sunny, a couple of bands of high clouds kind of cruising on by. 60s on the temperatures. a very, very mild day. about 90%. there were a couple of cooler locations up in the north bay. fog, drizzle. fair skies mild to warm, lows. mostly sunny, a little breezy for some. it will still be mild to warm. we're waiting for a low to form here. it may show up on sunday and monday. morning fog, mostly sunny, fair. a lot of mugginess in the air. higher humidity. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. things are stuck for a day or two. sunday will be the transition day there, dave. >> okay. thank you. the wait is almost over for the new bay bridge. throughout this morning, cara lui has been telling us about the opening date. cara was at treasure island, now you are in emeryville, the
8:32 am
folks are excited to finally see the light at the end of the yerba buena tunnel. >> reporter: that's right. 18 days. that's when the new eastern span of the bay bridge is slated to open. now, just yesterday, the bridge oversight committee voted unanimously to allow a temporary fix on this new span of the cracky, faulty bolts before the retrofit. this will mean closure of the bay bridge first. that closure will happen over five days when traffic is commute, starting august 28th and lasting through the labor day weekend. crews will align the bridge with a tunnel and reroute and repave traffic lanes connecting the new span to the toll plaza. commuters say they are hoping for the best but planning for delays and detours. >> i've heard about it. i'm planning to probably avoid this area because it's probably
8:33 am
gonna be really backed up. >> it will be a tough weekend. it's a long time. it's a really long time. >> make sure it works and holds up. that's all i care. >> plans for a public celebration costing more than $5 million have been replaced by a much lower-key ceremony. a metal chain will mark the opening. a bigger celebration may be held down the road. the bridge is scheduled to be back open by 5:00 a.m. tuesday, september 3rd. we're live in emeryville, cara lui, ktvu channel 2 news. >> b.a.r.t. will have to pick up the slack when the bridge is closed. b.a.r.t. plans limited overnight service from beadz night, august 28th through monday night, september 2nd. but b.a.r.t. will not operate overnight into tuesday morning due to mandated inspections. some public events have been rescheduled. there will be an oakland as
8:34 am
game, a cool football game and the east bay pride festival. stay with ktvu for the continuing coverage. 8:33. the city of oakland takes a step in fighting prostitution. the city attorney's office says it uncovered an overwhelming amount of evidence of sex trafficking at the national lodge hotel in east oakland. the alameda county superior court was convinced to shut that place down. the hotel was recently sold to an oakland business owner who is planning to tear down the building and reep place it with a -- replace it with a strip mall with an office and a restaurant. >> i think a bert thing -- a better thing would be to offer it to programs like we have for a dollar, for a limited amount of money and we can renovate it and turn it into housing. >> outreach workers say they are trying to help young women
8:35 am
and children caught up in sex trafficking. the volunteers say they would like to see a safehouse for victims of abuse. a new state audit says state agencies are not doing a good job of watching how california counties are spending billions of dollars on mental health problems. that's the conclusion. the money comes from prop 63. it was approved by voters back in 2004. it's a 1% tax on people who make more than a million dollars to be spent by counties on mental health services. in san francisco, the department of public health says it expects tens of thousands of city residents will stay without health insurance even after the new affordable care act begins next january. under the new healthcare law, everyone is required to have health insurance. public health officials say right now, an estimated $84,000 adults in san francisco don't have health insurance. and they say they expect about 35,000 will not take part in
8:36 am
the new healthcare plans for any number of reasons. 8:35. two bay area hospitals are among ten being fined by the state department of public health. alta bates in oakland was fined $50,000 for a september 1 september 2011 ins -- september 2011 where a patient tied for being given a solution but not through a feeding tube. a patient was placed on a ventilator but they failed to make sure it was working and that patient died. new brain scans showed that people thought to be brain dead or minimally conscious could actually answer questions. the canadian research team has detected evidence of an ability to follow commands. the new research may help open doors of communication that
8:37 am
have long been closed. well, very unique search at uc davis involving the dna of pets helped to convict a murder suspect overseas. researchers at the veterinary genetic labs on campus studied cat hair found on a curtain wrapped around the body of a man in england. the results were sent to england where investigators matched a cat belonging to the victim's next door neighbor. the work has helped scotland yards solve a murder in the year 2000 involving a dog. well, 10-year-old hunter killboesch of martinez attacked by two pit bulls is recovering from another surgery. here's a new photo of him resting in his room at uc davis children's hospital. doctors are performing skin grafts trying to repair part of his face. his father says he was playing at a friend's house when one of the dogs knocked him down the stairs while the other mauled his face and his arms.
8:38 am
antioch police say at least one of those pit bulls will be euthanized. there's new information now about a man whose body was discovered monday near interstate 880 in san jose. investigators say 51-year-old john mark delbach died of a weakened heart condition due to chronic alcohol abuse. he was a respected silicon valley engineer who worked on machines used for credit cards swiping. closing arguments are expected from accused serial killer joseph naso in his murder trial. the 79-year-old man is acting as his own lawyer as he facing charges of murdering four prostitutes. in the prosecution's closing arguments, they read from a journal reportedly kept from naso detailing the attacks all the way back to the 1950s.
8:39 am
a streaking tradition on campus has to stopped. this comes after boys stripped naked yesterday at lunchtime and ran across campus. the school says this normally happens at the end of the year when seniors are about to graduate. officials will punish students for streaking on campus. workers at cal state east bay are getting things ready for a big implosion tomorrow morning. the landmark warren hall building will be demolished at 9:00 tomorrow morning. this 13-story building has been empty since january of 2011 because of earthquake concerns. almost 350 acres of the campus will be closed to the public starting tonight. it won't be reopened until 6:00 monday morning. but the public you are invited to watch the implosion at mission and harter. you can watch the implosion live right here with us on ktvu channel 2. we wills have have live streaming at
8:40 am
now, if the implosion happens to be delayed past 10:00 we'll bring it to you online. 8:39. 28 of california's congressional representatives including house minority leader nancy pelosi are urging governor brown to sign the latest version of the trust act. the trust act would no longer require local police to report undocumented immigrants arrested for minor crimes to federal immigration officials. governor brown vetoed a previous version last year saying it was too broad. it's since been amended to spell out the types of crimes that would require police to turn people over to immigration authorities. a book that was lost overseas is back in a sacramento library this morning. that's after a very long journey home. jason martinez checked out the japanese travel guide from the library back in april. he took the book with him on occasion with him to japan but lost it along the way. three months later, the book
8:41 am
was mailed back to the sacramento library. a person had apparently found it in tokyo and sent it back to its rightful owner. >> wow. >> right there in sacramento. the internet, social media, really buzzing this morning because of long-time radio deejay chewy gomez. the big announcement that shocked a lot of his fans. >> reporter: another deadly shooting in oakland overnight. what we learned this morning about what happened and about the old program to stop the violence is getting a new push. good morning. we still have trouble on 680 northbound in the way of a truck that's flipped over, loaded down with mail. i will tell you when they plan to get that out of there. a lot of fog out there for some. some of it is already lifting. but temperatures look to be very warm today. maybe into the weekend. we'll explain. [ male announcer ] what is performance?
8:42 am
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8:44 am
stock market is edging higher after declines due in part that home construction was up 6% in july. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is currently up 10. the nasdaq is up 13.
8:45 am
s&p is up 1. 8:44. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories -- first this, lanes still blocked on northbound 680 near andrade road. a truck filled with post office mail overturned about 5:00 this morning. 66,000 pounds of mail was on it. a tow truck is trying to right. 17 people were killed across egypt today. look at this. they filled the streets with what they call the day of anger. this is in response to the deaths on wednesday when police raided two sit-in protests. back here at home, a gunman shot a man and a woman in a parked car on 100th avenue in oakland during the night. claudine wong has been on this story throughout the morning. you are back now with the latest on a program that will
8:46 am
-- well, also the details but the program trying to reduce violent crime in oakland. >> reporter: what they saw overnight they don't want to see again. these are deadly shootings that happen that take the lives of people. i want to show you the scene and give you the latest information we have on this shooting. it happened about 11:30 last night on the 800 block of 100th avenue. that investigation underway at this hour. the two victims were in a parked car, in their 20s. the shooter or shooters came up to the car and started firing. it's still unclear if they walked up or drove up. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the man survived. early this horning, the police say the man was still fighting for his life in critical and untable condition. he underwent surgery earlier this morning, but we don't know his condition at this point. the motive, still unclear.
8:47 am
this wums one day after oakland police announced -- comes one day after oakland police announced their crackdown. operation cease fire is back again. it works like this -- police identify repeat offenders and gang members and then they work with them, giving them a choice to either change their lives or feel the full force of the law. yesterday, eight men were arrested. >> we're learning more and more about how these individual groups are functioning as far as how they are making their money through different robberies, burglaries and other crimes throughout the city. it's still unclear. we don't know why or if the victims were targeted. this operation cease fire is a big difference now than all the
8:48 am
way back to 2007. now they have a dedicated manager for the program. they have a nine-person team will be out in force starting next month. oakland police hoping this really does turn things around. live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. 8:47. want to check in with sal. keeping a close eye on the traffic situation. >> we've had a couple of problems. but the biggest one, this 680 truck. we're getting to progress here. it looks like they are connecting the truck. they have to connect the right to right it and -- the truck to right it. they may have to close more lanes to do it. they have two trucks to do it. it will be a complicated operation. they may have to close the freeway again. northbound 680 near andrade road. let's take a look at 880 northbound, a little bit of slowing passing the coliseum as you drive up towards downtown
8:49 am
oakland. the raiders game is away. you don't have to worry about the traffic. it's not here. watch it on channel 2. don't worry about the traffic. it's somebody else's problem today. let's move to the bay bridge, westbound, that traffic is moving along nicely coming into san francisco. 8:48. the raiders on ktvu, steve. >> silver and black, sal. >> all right. some of that fog already burning off. a little bit. a lot of sunshine here. just heard from bev. he's out from san ramon. she's already shutting the windows. getting a little warm. >> a lot of that soupy fog. had some drizzle this morning. there's a lot going on. the weekend is really a challenging call here whetherwise because there's going to be a low coming in. the question is where and when does it arrive? when it arrives, that's the big difference. the fog has been smashed down on the deck. it's called an inversion. under normal conditions, you go up in the atmosphere and it cools down. it cools down and you get a
8:50 am
sharp warmup. it's a little lower than 1200 feet. yesterday you can see where the lawn was drawn. doesn't go above or below. very warm air coming in. it's already here aloft from high pressure. that's taken the fog and put it far down the deck. also some of that drizzle. i don't think that's going anywhere any time soon. maybe sunday. but a foggy morning for some. some of that is burning off. a muggy pattern. a lot of moisture. humidity in the air. it may be the pattern into the next week. there's signs of the low and i will show you that coming up coming in. not much of a breeze. seems to be collapsing a little bit. it will be warm inland today. maybe one or two degrees cooler. already 50 in tahoe. 67 in sacramento. you would expect it to be hot in the desert and it will be hot, almost 90 down there. the lows forming down here. it may go into central calf. it may come over us. it will keep us on a tropical pattern as we go into next
8:51 am
week. morning fog, fair skies. overall, humidity is up there. 60s to 90s. 80s for many. low 90s. unless you are by the bay. the coast, 70s and 80s. half moon bay, capitola warm. 80s on the peninsula. 60s, 70s, san francisco. sunday could be very warm to hot it depending upon where the -- depending upon where the low goes. maybe some shower activity over the bay area. >> okay, steve. something's missing. that's the sediment after po a popular -- after a popular radio host was let go. pam cook has more. >> thousands of people are asking what happened to chewy gomes. for more than 20 years, he's been entertaining people as they drive to work on kmel. but this morning, he's not there. all of the radio station is
8:52 am
saying is that gomes no longer works for the company and his replacement has already been found. from what we're hearing, he did not want to leave his job. twiller is filled with the -- twitter is filled with the radio station's delivery. they are not happy. chewy gomes tweets my run ended after 20 years. more to come. we're blocking the lanes on the cantilever. they were having a half member get a haircut. >> this was back in 1993. our own sal castanedo reporting the situation on the bay bridge. that's when chewy gomes made a name for himself as one of the guys who stopped traffic on the bay bridge to get a haircut. it was a radio stunt playing off bill clinton's haircut on air force one that halted air traffic at l.a.x.
8:53 am
earlier gomes treated that he's husm belled by all of the -- hummabled by all of the -- humbled by all of the love and respect viewers are showing him. thousands of bikes group together on major south bay roads. the area where bicycles could cause traffic delays after bork today. bork-- after work today.
8:54 am
8:55 am
bob filner may have been able to cut his intensive
8:56 am
therapy short but sexual claims against him increase. a volunteer city work workser is the latest to accuse him of sexual assault. 16 women have come forward saying he made inappropriate sexual advances in the workplace. nancy pelosi increased her criticism of the mayor on twitter saying he should step down and spare san diego the pain and expense of a recall election. marin county will soon be home to the mountain bike all of fame. mountain biking reportedly started on mount tam in the '70s. 25 years ago, the hall of maim was established in colorado. but soon it will be called the marin humid of bicycling. earlier next year, they will take over the good earth market building on sir francis drake boulevard. tonight, hundreds of bikes will ride down major south bay streets. drivers are being warned about the san jose bike party between 8:00 p.m. and midnight. cyclists plan to take el camino
8:57 am
real and sunnyvale, middlefield road from mountain view to palo alto, oregon spres to un vefrt, university to stanford and back to el camino real. we've gotten word of an earthquake in mexico city. it was a 5.3 magnitude. moderate earthquake. no reports of damage or injuries right now. but mexico city is pretty vulnerable to earthquakes because it sits on top of muddy sediments from a drain lakebed. a 5.3 earthquake in mexico city. no major damages or injuries reported. let's check in with sal. >> to the guys in the control room, i made a mistake, i want to see the 680 thing real quick. we're gonna end with this this morning. they are still clearing up this truck on 680 northbound on andre day. it will take a little time. 680 is delayed. southbound traffic may be delayed. let's go to steve.
8:58 am
higher clouds up there, mostly sunny, though, kind of muggy. the temperatures, 80s and 90s for some inland. 70s and 80s even closer to the coast. i think it stays this way into sunday next week it should be cooler. >> i'll take it. >> you got it. >> all right, steve. that's our report for this morning. we'll see you ut next time news breaks -- see you the next time news breaks. >> join us at noon where one of the youngest members of the community is laid to rest because of gun violence. you can get updates at and mobile thanks for watching. repainting, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. get u-verse tv for $19 a month
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles rethink possible.
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you've been looking for great videos, we've got them, "right this minute." it's closing time and a bartender suddenly realizes -- >> i think my boss drugged me. >> why cops say this story comes with a twist caught on camera. a stunt rider showing his skills, but -- >> oh, no, man, you can't let this happen. >> -- how a bike starts running the show with disastrous results. the distress call goes out for -- >> a small little

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